Round 'Em Up: Patio Plans

When we first moved into our place in Pasadena, one of the features I was most excited about was the little piece of space right outside the back door. It's not much to look at- the grass died long along and there's an old planter box that's falling apart, but I knew it could make a perfect, though tiny, patio.

For our anniversary we decided to buy a patio table and chairs as a gift to ourselves. I found a vintage Brown and Jordan set for less than $100, and they even offerred to deliver it. We were sold! It's pretty cute- similar to the one above, but ours still has it's glass top.

We cleaned it up a little and set it out in our little dirt patch and started enjoying meals outside, but never got around to turning it into a real patio, unless you count hanging up some lights.

Now that summer is approaching again, I'm back in patio planning mode and scheming about all that we can do with the space. The yard work and gardening that needs to be done is a bit daunting to me, but once that's taken care of, the fun part begins- accessorizing. Here's a little of what I've been dreaming about...

Clockwise from top: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

I was originally thinking of doing black and white with the yellow table set, but thanks to that pillow up there, and some feedback from a few of you on Instagram, I decided on a brighter palette instead- yellows, turquoise, colbalt blue, and kelly green. Thanks for saving me from my black and white addiction everyone! 

All the color will be a great accent for the vintage yellow of the table and it will add a little more interest to the space, which faces a drab tan wall. (Though I'm also scheming on ways to hide that wall with greenery).  

Are you dreaming of summer? What are you most excited about?