Rooms to Live In

As I prepare to begin shooting all the inventory photos for the new shop, and in turn prepare for our home to become a bit of a disaster for a few days, I wanted to share another new feature- Rooms to Live In. 

Generally, I like our home, but I definitely have moments where I see a room in someone else's home and think 'I could live there'. This is especially true when things are chaotic around here- getting away from the everyday messes and into a lovely space that's perfectly styled and properly lit is such an appealing thought sometime. 

Today I want to live in Paula Mills' living room. Every time I come across this photo it immediately soothes me, and brings me some joy. I love all the texture, balanced by the white walls and airy light. I love the mantel styling with the pops of color and all the mirrors in interesting shapes. I even love the little washi tape star on the wall. 

Do you have days when you want to live in someone else's space? What room do you want to live in?