Something Old/Something New

One of the unfortunate side effects of vintage goods becoming popular in the mainstream is that it's become harder to find great things, and when you do, they can be absurdly expensive. While I've always been a bit of a purist when it comes to vintage, the new vintage economy has softened me a bit to well done reproductions and vintage inspired pieces- they're available and the average person can better afford them. All of this sparked an idea for a new regular feature- Something Old/Something New- where I'll feature a vintage item, and a similar, but affordable, new piece.

Brass has certainly made a comeback. While some of you may have been using brass accents all along, I think most of us haven't decorated with brass since the 80's, if ever. While it's quite easy to find affordable small vintage accent pieces like candlesticks, vessels, and tchotchkes at the thrift store or flea markets, larger pieces like tables will cost you quite a bit.

A table similar to the one next to the sofa in Bri Emery's fabulous apartment could run anywhere from $200-$1000, depending on the designer and where you buy it. The West Elm side table in the foreground, while more affordable, will still put you back $150.

For a really affordable option, without losing the glam/mid-century vibe, this side table from Target costs less than $50. Plus, it's small footprint makes it easy to add, even if you're limited on space.

What do you think of this new feature? Are there any items or topics you'd like to see covered here? Let me know- I love getting feedback!

Speaking of feedback- I want to thank everyone who commented here or on IG last week regarding my idea of opening an online store- I really appreciated everything you had to say and all the encouragement. I have come to a decision, and I will be opening an online shop! I'm going to begin photographing inventory this week, and hope to be open by May. I will be using my own shop site rather than Etsy, which will live right here on the G&H site. I'm really excited and I'm thankful for your help in making this decision!