Language of Flowers

Mother's Day seemed the perfect occasion for the next Language of Flowers post. While many mothers will receive flowers this Sunday, you can send your mother (or the mother of your children) a specific message, using floriography- the practice of selecting flowers for their meaning.

For Mother's Day, pink carnations are a popular choice as they signify 'motherly love'. Although carnations can be boring, and sometimes downright ugly (dyed blue flowers anyone?), used in the right arrangement, or even in a bouquet all by themselves, carnations can be lovely- plus they last a long time. To add in a little more meaning, peonies mean 'happy life', and some rosemary indicates 'remembrance'. For texture, but not meaning, I rounded the bouquet out with some lambs ear, and a unusual filler that the folks at the flower market called 'dogs eye', though I can't find any information about such a plant.

If my mom lived nearby, I'd bring her this bouquet to say that I love her, am thinking of her, and am thankful for the happy life she gave me. What would you like to say to your mom (or mother-figure) with flowers?