At Our Table: Fourth of July BBQ

I thought I'd get a jump on my goal to get back to regular blog posts with a little Saturday post. Though I'm not sure why, I just haven't been motivated or inspired to blog lately. Hopefully July will bring a change though- I already have a few posts worked out!

Did you have a nice fourth (at least, for those of you from the US)? We threw a little BBQ in our shared yard, and had a great time with a few friends.

Although it was a bit of a last minute event, I still wanted to make things special. Taking cues from some supplies we had on hand, plus some things I found while out shopping in the morning, the party felt festive, but still casual.

A favorite element of party planning for me is creating a special cocktail. For our BBQ I introduced the 'Bee Sting', a drink I created a while back. A perfect summery combination of lemon, honey, rosemary and bourbon, this drink even works well without the alcohol, so all your guests can enjoy it. I'll be sharing the full recipe next week!

A highlight of the day for my mister (that blur up there) was definitely playing 'ladder ball' (or 'hillbilly golf' as one of our guests told me). A game we were introduced to by our friends in Seattle, it's fun and easy- just what a casual BBQ needs. (I found our set on sale in the summer section at Target).

While we ended up missing the fireworks that the Rose Bowl sets off (which are supposed to be amazing), we did have fun playing with mini sparklers out in the yard- a great way to finish the day.

Happy weekend everyone! I'm looking forward to being around here more often- I've missed you.