Gone So Long...

As I logged into my blog today I was actually a little shocked to see how long it has been since I posted here last. I knew it had been awhile, but geez, I've been gone way too long (so long in fact that when I edited photos for today's post I couldn't remember what size I usually format them to!). 

The last sunset of our vacation a few weeks ago. 
It's been a busy few months, which, in part, explains my absence. I actually have quite a bit of photos saved up that I've been meaning to share with you- maybe we'll do a little catch up on all those soon. Busyness aside, I've also used these past few months to try and sort out how I want to be directing my creative energy, what I really want to do in the long term, and how I can start working towards all this. I feel like I'm in a place where I'm ready to share a bit of this with all of you, and I'm truly excited to do so. I value the relationship I have with all of you, even if I've never met you in person, and I appreciate the insight and encouragement you give me through your comments, likes, and shares.

There are a few passions (for lack of a more fitting word) I've had throughout most of my life: vintage, decorating (yes, even as a kid I was always rearranging my room, re-styling my shelves, etc), cooking, crafting, and photography. For awhile I've been trying to indulge all of these passions, hoping to create a sustainable living through combining them all- this blog being one of the ways I had hoped to do that. Starting a few months ago though, I started to feel more tired than usual, uninspired, and frustrated. It took time to sort out what the source was, and while I still have some things to sort out, I've realized that it may be time for me to focus a bit. 

Those of you with many interests and passions can probably relate to how difficult it can be to hone in on just one (or two, or three). Though I will always make room for all of things I love to do, I've decided that of all of them, photography is what I find most satisfying. Choosing to focus on interior and lifestyle photography offers me the perfect opportunity to connect with many of my other interests as well, through photographing homes, food, and objects, as well as working with stylists. 

As I've sat with this decision over the past week, I've found that my inspiration is returning- a good sign right? I'm eager to start building my portfolio, finding ways to get more experience with interior photography, and even to start posting here again (though you may find more photos and less DIY's or even writing here in the future). 

Of course, with a new door opening, other doors must close. I will be phasing out the online store in the next few months, and am currently trying to decide if I will create a new brand for my photography work. I'll always love vintage and will always be drawn to working with others who do too, but I do hope to branch out into other 'niches'.

Would you like to be a part of my new adventure? I'm looking for people who would be interested in having their homes photographed, whether it be for a blog post here, to submit to another site, or even just for your own use. I don't currently have the budget to travel, but if you're in the SoCal area and would be interested in having me do a shoot in your home- please email me. I'll also be traveling to Laramie, WY this month, and New York City next month, so if you're in either of those areas and are interested, please email me as well. I only ask your permission to use the photos in my portfolio. 

I'd love to hear your feedback about all of this. Have you gone through something similar? Thinking about shifting your own focus? I'd also love to hear from any photographers who might have advice. 

Thank you as always, for taking time to stop by here. I hope you'll get back in the habit.