Desert Adventures

{Photo: Gaby J Photography}
The desert is growing on me. Growing up near mountains and rivers, I was always more inspired by those landscapes, but the longer I live in SoCal, the more inspiration I find out in the desert. 

The mister is finishing up another brutal quarter in his Ph.D. program and we are looking forward to next week, when he gets a bit of a break (from classes at least), and we'll head out on an overnight camping adventure in Joshua Tree National Park. Today I look to other photographers to fuel my excitement for this trip.

{Photo: Mark Webster Art}
{Photo: Amelia Durham via National Geographic}
A campfire, star gazing, fresh air- all a reprieve from the noise and light of the city. Even if it's only for one night, it'll be much needed time away for us. 

{Photo: The Weaver House}
On the way home, we'll stop in Palm Springs and pay a visit to the Moorten Botanical Garden. This place has been on my wish list for a year- doesn't it look amazing?! Spring break or bust.