Urban Jungle Bloggers

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know all too well what a crazy plant lady I can be. I mean, probably 1 in every 3 photos features plants or flowers! It follows then, that as soon as I heard about Urban Jungle Bloggers, I knew I needed to join up! This online community of bloggers, from all over the world, are all sharing their take on life with plants! It took me a few months to actually get a post together (and I'm still a few weeks late), but the May theme- 'Plant Gang' was easy enough. Meet (some of) my gang...

I rescued the big philodendron from the clearance section at Home Depot. He was very sad looking, but now has almost doubled in size and has new leaves regularly!

The pothos and air plant in the bathroom used to have a little staghorn fern friend, but he didn't survive. I'd love to add some plants to this room.

Do any of my fellow Urban Jungle Bloggers know the proper name of this plant with the holes in the leaves (below and top of post)? I've gotten conflicting info from my usual plant people- some say it's a kind of pothos, others say it's a monstera. The leaves are small and the vines get very long.

Well, there's a little intro to part of my plant gang! Are you a plant person too? You should join the Urban Jungle Blogger community!